Leeds-based Peg Whisky put their support behind Simon on the Streets 5 for 5 Partnership.

Simon on the Streets are delighted to announce a new member of our 5 for 5 Partnership Scheme for December – Peg Whisky. In the summer, Simon on the Streets switched to the virtual world and have been hosting monthly networking events for our corporate partners and creating a space in which they can network with each other but also engage with Simon on the Streets by sharing ideas and learning about how we have been working throughout the pandemic. Though Simon on the Streets would have hoped to host networking events throughout 2020, they have seen a great deal of interest from new partners in recent months and Peg Whisky is one of them.

Simon on the Streets Business Development Manager, Fahad Khan has recently been speaking with Jas Kaur, Global Account Manager for Peg Whisky who on behalf of the whole team and management, expressed a great deal of interest in the work Simon on the Streets does to support the homeless in West Yorkshire.

Simon on the streets

Jas had this to say; “Our main office is based in Leeds and one of the Directors is also from good old Yorkshire. We wanted to support and partner up with a local charity and we came across Simon on the Streets and the team felt this was a great project to get involved with. Homelessness is a real problem in the UK and the work Simon on the Streets does makes a difference.

This partnership means a lot to us as we want to help and try to make a difference, even if one person benefits from the work they do then that’s still something to be proud of and it’s still something we want to be a part of. Both Directors have done a lot of charitable work in the past and will continue to do so. We look forward to attending the next Big Sleepout with Simon to show our support.

Fahad, our Business Development Manager said, “After speaking with Jas a couple of months ago, it was clear how passionate and determined she and her colleagues at Peg Whisky are to supporting their local community and those most vulnerable. We are delighted they’ve joined our 5 for 5 Corporate Partnership and are committed to supporting our long-term sustainability. We’re really looking forward to working with them in 2021 and beyond!”

 You can donate directly to Simon on the Streets via the link below.


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