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Started by two cousin with a passion for whisky, Peg is a realtively new comer to the Scotch market.

What dreams are made of

Peg Whisky was the dream of two cousins, Mandeep and Kully, who wanted to create a unique whisky that people could enjoy together. They have been whisky collectors for years and with their new brand, they want to introduce audiences to a whisky they have both made and love.

The idea behind Peg is to socialise and enjoy a dram together, whether whisky is your thing or not. The name comes from the common saying of “having a peg of whisky” and the goal is to create a whisky that everyone can enjoy.

They currently have three bottlings, including a small batch, blend and limited edition.

Tasting notes for Peg Limited Edition No.1 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £75

Aged for 7 years, this malt is from a Speyside distillery.

The nose opens with malted notes and sweet honeyed flavours. There are hints of caramels and a little dash of vanilla.

The palate is warming and tastes like a typical Speysider. It has notes of cinnamon, sherried spices and a gentle note of vanilla and caramel sweetness. Oak wood and more malted biscuit flavours also appear.

The finish lingers on wooded notes, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

Tasting notes for Peg Blended Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £30

Peg’s Blended Scotch Whisky opens with notes of malted grains and citrus fruits. There is a nice fruity note with hints of spice.

The palate brings in sweeter notes of caramel and treacle. There are some interesting herbal notes of menthol and peppermint, which give it a refreshing edge. Oranges and lemons come through as well.

The finish lingers on biscuit notes, with a hint of caramel.

Tasting notes for Peg Small Batch Blended Scotch Series 1

Bottle cost: £45

Only 3000 bottles of Peg’s Small Batch Blended Scotch will be released, making this an exclusive bottling.

The nose begins with notes of sweet oranges and cherry blossom. It is full of sweet, sugary flavours, with candy floss and iced buns taking over.

The palate develops into honey and vanilla, with big sweet notes of caramel and cake. Malted grains come in and give it a nice rounded edge.

The finish is long and sweet, with notes of oak wood and barley.

This is an intriguing range of whiskies and it will be interesting to see what comes next from one of the newest Scotch brands on the market.


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Written by Greg Dillion

Greg is a household name within the whisky industry.

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