Our Recycling Story

Recycling is easy to do and can really make a difference...

Here at Peg Whisky we promote and encourage all our customers to do what they can when it comes to recycling after purchasing our much loved whisky bottles. When we designed our products we made sure to use as many recyclable materials as possible which can be reused again in the future. 

 Peg Whisky


Facts about recycling

  • In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall
  • Around 14 million glass bottles and jars are sent to landfill in the UK every day. Each year this saves enough energy to launch 10 space shuttle missions
  • According to the government, if the contents of the average British dustbin were recycled to its full potential, then the saved energy would power a television for 208 days
  • By planning your rubbish, you can recycle a lot more than you are now, and you’ll be saving precious resources and energy for the future.


Did you know… all our Peg Whisky bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable. Want to find out more? Let us share our recycling story with you. 


The recycling story of the Peg Whisky bottle starts when you’ve finished

Once you have enjoyed and finished our Peg Whisky, take the bottle to your local bottle bank, recycling centre or recycling bin, so it can be re-used in many different ways in the future. 

Points to note before you recycle:

  • Remember the wooden top and cork shank needs to be removed.
  • All of the liquid must be gone before recycling. Why not get your friends to help with a peg or two! Please drink responsibly.


      Peg Whisky Small Batch Exclusive


      Gift box cartons that keep on giving

      Peg Whisky Limited Edition


      The Peg Whisky Small Batch Exclusive and Limited Edition gift box cartons are also 100% recyclable.

      So you don’t have to worry about separating any plastics from the cardboard box.

      Just take them to your nearest recycling point or recycling bin and help them become gift boxes again or something completely different again.




      Peg Whiksy


      Peg Whisky tips and guidance

      • Always check with your local recycling partner first if you are unsure of anything
      • Flatten the gift box cartons so you have more room in your recycling bin
      • Help the recycling centre as much as possible by removing any secondary packaging, like our corks and sleeves, and place them in the correct recycling bin
      • Make sure all your bottles are completely empty before placing them in the glass recycling bin/centre
      • Oh and finally, don't forget to #MakeItAPeg