About Peg Whisky

Peg Whisky started off how all other great ideas manifest, by delivering a unique concept that has never been experienced before.

One evening, two brothers were sat enjoying a drink whilst talking about their love for Whisky, when one of them said ‘How amazing would it be if we could bring out our own Whisky for everyone to enjoy’. 

‘How exactly would we do that?’ asked the other brother. We both then started laughing at the idea until a few hours later, when one of them said ‘Hold on, what’s stopping us from making this happen? Let’s turn this dream into a reality!’

Cue the light bulb moment:

Peg Whisky

After they both agreed that this could be something special, they started on their journey to create a Whisky that was personal to them. Something that would bring together history and legend, with an amazing taste infused with elegance and finally something that will change what we all know and love about Whisky. 

This appreciation of drinking with our loved ones combined with tradition has led to the idea of Peg Whisky being formed. We wanted to blend passion with culture and produce Whisky that the whole world can appreciate one dram at a time. 

Peg Whisky logo


From this day forward, Peg Whisky was born, our vision has become reality and as they say, the rest is history. 

So, sit back, pour yourself a ‘Peg’ and let the good times roll. Please drink responsibly.